Let's enable carbon farming

SoilCASTOR enables the accurate and cost-effective determination of soil carbon stocks. SoilCASTOR uses an innovative approach and a wealth of global datapoints.

Why carbon farming?

Put carbon back where it belongs

  • Soils are already the largest reservoir

    Soils contain more than three times the amount of carbon compared with the atmosphere.

  • Enhance biodiversity

    Regenerative farming practices are key in improving soil health. Healthy soils are therefore a prerequisite for a diverse soil life

  • Improve crop performance

    A sufficient level of carbon in the soil can help to prevent diseases, drought stress and nutrient losses

Cutting edge soil sensing techniques

Leveraging soil spectroscopy to the next level

SoilCASTOR uses the AgroCares scanner to rapidly, affordably and accurately measure soil carbon stock in the field


Reduce sample costs dramatically

By using a mobile NIR scanner, there is no need for expensive wet chemistry analysis.


Best in class performance

By leveraging of more than 17.000 analysed samples at AgroCares' in-house laboratory and the latest developments in deep learning technologies.


Already in use by more than 10.000 farmers all over the world

Over the last decade the AgroCares scanner has become available in more than 20 countries and on every continent.

Game-changing technology

Accurate carbon stocks for every farm

Together NMI, AgroCares and Wageningen University developed SoilCASTOR to lower the barriers for farmers in getting reliable data for soil health monitoring.

  • Globally available
  • <5% uncertainty with 95% confidence interval
  • Same day results

Optimized sampling design

By using Conditioned Latin Hypercube Sampling the number of sampling locations can be minimized

Individual farm model

Carbon stocks are modelled dynamically with innovative machine learning algorithms.

Sensor fusion

Powerful combination of in-situ measurements with the AgroCares scanner and satellite data from Sentinel 1 and 2

Practical insights for future management

Transform insight into action and take steps to increase carbon stocks in the soil.

SoilCASTOR global innovation leader

Winner Bayer Grants4Tech Carbon Challenge

SoilCASTOR has won the international innovation Carbon Challenge hosted by Bayer Grants4Tech.

Step 1

Import your farm

This can be a farm or a collection of farms.

Step 2

Get the sampling locations

Attain each specific sampling location

Step 3

Measure carbon at the locations

Instantaneous estimate of carbon content

Step 4

Obtain your farm carbon stock

Get an estimate of soil carbon stock in Soil Organic Carbon and CO2 equivalent per hectare.

Our partners and clients

SoilCASTOR works with a range of partners and clients to bring Carbon farming forward

Erikjan van Huet Lindeman MSc

Director Dutch Carbon Credits

SoilCASTOR enables Dutch Carbon Credits to determine soil carbon stocks at the farm level – this enables our partners to take action and be rewarded for climate positive action

Globally available

Featured Projects


South Nyanza, Migori County

For small-scale farmers we evaluate and measure soil carbon stocks on land used for sugar cane production. Empowering these farmers to farm carbon diversifies their revenue

United States

Iowa and Arkansas

For mid-sized crop farmers in Iowa and Arkansas soil carbon stocks over a range of soil types were determined. Participants can increase their soil health, biodiversity and climate resilience whilst diversifying their revenue streams


The Netherlands

For mid-sized grassland farmers in the Netherlands we have determined the carbon stocks and provided them with advice on how to increase and valorise their soil carbon stock.

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SoilCASTOR enables to measure accurately soil carbon stock at farm level and is developed by NMI, AgroCares and Wageningen University.


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